Nestled in the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is strategically located with the new economic powerhouses of India, Southeast Asia and the Far East as well as the consumer markets of the west all within easy reach. This is what truly makes Qatar a destination of choice.

Qatar is located at the crossroads of the East and the West. With Qatar Airways, Doha has flight connectivity to over 140 destinations worldwide, making the capital one of the largest airline hubs in the region.

The State of Qatar is a new connection of the 21st-century world where innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing come together. As one of the fastest growing countries in the region, its perseverance, ambition, and energy have converged to make it one of the most forward-thinking nations in the Middle East with increasing global and regional influence.
Qatar is known for its superb hotels, offering a wide selection of accommodations to cater to every visitor, extensive dining, entertainment and leisure offerings. The majority of the facilities are only minutes away from the airport and within minutes from the business district and key places of interest.
When it comes to local culture, Qataris are passionately committed to preserving their heritage and values. They have successfully molded modern life with culture and values, allowing the past and the present to co-exist harmoniously.
Not to mention their hospitality as they welcome you into their lifestyle with friendly smiles and a
little cup of hot coffee.

Qatar goes well beyond the cultural and gourmet experiences found in Doha. Trips out of town are a must-do for any traveller, offering a unique perspective of the country’s beauty, bold nature, history, and life. Go for a day trip and visit forts, palaces and mangroves. Camp overnight in an Arab tent and admire a spectacular sky. Defy gravity on enormous sand dunes while having a thrilling off-road adventure. Sail around Doha Bay or go to one of the small islands and relax while you see the city from a different angle.

Education City

Located in the suburbs of Doha with area of more than fourteen square kilometers, Education City, embraces many of the educational institutions from schools, universities and the most prestigious colleges in the world, to scientific research institutions and projects.
Qatar International Golf Club is located in the heart of Education City, where it is connected and integrated with the surrounding facilities, creating a unique chain of attractions in the city, such as Al Shaqab stunning 980,000 square-meter horseshoe shaped Equestrian facilities, home to some of the most pure and original Arabian Breeds in the world. Al Shaqab also hosts various tournaments and competitions on International scales for both equestrian, as well as popular and corporate events. For  high-end celebrations, and one of the most sought after venues that has seen thousands of students graduate over the past twenty years, Ceremonial Court,  in addition to adding an aesthetically pleasing presence, provides the needed facility for outdoors large events and celebrations venue.
In addition, and very close to the Golf Club, situated the “Oxygen Park”, the lounge of Education City and its oasis natural green beauty. Qatar International Golf Club, also features close proximity to “Al Shaqab Hotel” and "Premier Inn" hotel. Also resides in the Education City, one of the finest convention and exhibition centers in the world, Qatar National Convention Center is located steps away from the Golf Club, as well as Sidra Hospital and Research center, an advanced medical facility that is dedicated to the children and women health care, which will be a new and distinctive landmark in Education City. Finally, the picture will be completed with the opening of Qatar Foundation Stadium, which is adjacent to Qatar International Club Golf, an official World Cup, Qatar –2022 stadium that will have many sports and community activities’ facilities.

Qatar is a country to be measured not by its size, but by its magnitude.
From ancient traditions to modernday experiences, you can see and do remarkable things.
and we are eager to welcome you and make it come true.

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