Mission & Vision

Our Vision
At Qatar International Golf Club, our vision is to design, build and operate a golf facility that honours education, innovation, sustainability, research & development and culture, ultimately becoming the vehicle that grows the game of golf in Qatar.
We aspire to move beyond the present and direct the future of the golf industry, by challenging traditional views and striving to make the game of golf more approachable and enjoyable to the future golfer. In short, to encourage, stimulate and motivate the non-golfer to take up the game, whilst also delivering world-class playing experience for the experienced golfer.

Our Mission
We will achieve our vision by developing a golf course and support centres of excellence to develop the abilities of individuals through investments in human capital, innovative technology, state of the art facilities and partnerships with elite organisations. Thus, we will raise the competency and quality of life of those new to golf and ultimately shape the future of the game of golf, in Qatar and worldwide.

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